PICC Line protections

A protective sleeve for PICC Line/Midline for outpatients and a shower protection


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Problem to solve

Patients undergoing outpatient treatment and wearing a PICC Line face the following problems: - the patient's fear in his daily activities that the PICC Line may be torn or soiled; - the looks of third parties on the PICC Line and therefore the evidence of being in medical treatment; - the prohibition of wetting the PICC Line and thus the concern of the patient to be able to take a shower The problem of avoiding wetting the PICC Line also arises for hospitals and their patients undergoing hospital treatment. Today, nurses have to cobble together protections made from plastic bags or similar.

Proposed solution

Developing a sleeve that fully covers the external part of the PICC Line as well as a shower protection with the following characteristics: 1. Sleeve - very light, elastic and breathable synthetic sports fabric; - welded and flat seams to avoid pressure points; - washable; - mitigation of the effects of treatment through high wearing comfort; - different sizes adapted to different arm circumferences; - MDR 2017 certified; - potential scalability: protective sleeve for diabetics wearing glucose level measurement sensors. 2. shower protection - easy to put on and take off by the patient without help from a third party; - waterproof to allow showering; - MDR 2017 certified

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Support of the FIT Impact grant Tests with patients in homeware and hospitals environments