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H4 services

H4 supports those with an idea or project, from the individual to the company, and helps them to take a significant step in their project.

It provides tailored support with:

  • Assessments, validations, and practical tests, in realistic, real, secure, and supervised situations
  • Analyses to guide the actions needed to develop the project
  • Easy access to users, healthcare institutions, caregivers, or patients
  • Specific knowledge of the healthcare environment or innovation processes
  • Funding support, only to cover an experimental study 

The idea or project must involve:

  • The creation of an innovative product or service in healthcare
  • An innovation with a technological contribution, or an organisational or process change
  • Long-term economic benefits (business model, optimization of practices, job creation,…)


PLEASE NOTE that the following are not supported:

  • Purely academic, research, and teaching projects 
  • Trade and commercial promotion activities


Want to apply for support?
Simply fill out the application form available on this platform.
The request will be reviewed and assistance can be provided through the seven steps described below.

The 7-step support process

Request for support

Any project owner can submit a request for support on this site, in French or in English, using the dedicated form. The process is free. The request is pre-analyzed. H4 will follow up on it, depending on its relevance to its missions and its capacity to process it. A pre-analysis is then completed, and if the request is accepted, the applicant is invited to present his project to a committee of experts.

    Needs analysis

Based on the presentation to the expert committee, H4 analyses the actual needs, determines the gap between the current stage of the project and the targeted future stage, identifies the unknowns driving the potential success of the project, and defines the most appropriate experimental study to meet the request. The result is a document describing the project that should be carried out and the potential funding methods.


    Project planning

H4 plans the selected project: it defines the practical actions and experimental study, the environment, and the relevant test partners that will help bridge the gap identified by the analysis. It determines the funding method, taking into account the maturity of the project, the complexity of the experimental study, and the partners needed to carry them out.

   H4 Voucher

In some case, H4 decides to fund the project via an “H4 Voucher”. The granting of a Voucher is considered if it proves difficult to obtain funding from another source, taking into account the maturity of the project and the owner. The amount of the Voucher is adapted to the needs of the project and is generally between 2,000 and 10,000 CHF. In the case of a company, it will pay 10% of the amount.

   Other Funding

In addition, H4 analyses the possibilities of funding the project from external sources. For example, projects can take the form of Innosuisse projects, grant applications to foundations, submissions to competitions, FIT grants, etc.


   Caregiver integration

Depending on identified needs, H4 involves caregivers and medical staff in the creative processes of designing, developing, and communicating new products, services, or practices in order to analyze their relevance, promote their adoption, and ensure their usefulness, as well as to familiarize them with new technologies.



   Mounting of the final project

Following the planning, the project promoter finalizes the project and submits it according to the conditions required by the chosen funding method. One example would be that of an Innosuisse grant where the project owner is a company and an academic institution is a partner. The partner may turn out to be the SILAB, but this decision is independent of H4’s process.


  H4’s Added Values

1. Demand analysis: the project owners can use the analysis provided to guide their actions and bring their project to fruition.

2. Planning: the project owners have the necessary basis to launch a productive and decisive experimental study with selected partners.

3. The possible granting of a Voucher


Process map

Submitting an application

If after carefully reading the above conditions, you feel that H4 can help you take your project to the next level, you can submit a request for support. In accordance with the process described, your request will be analyzed and a response will be given in all cases.