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Projects presented to the Support Committee

SaisiR – Science for Rehabilitation

Système de réadaptation qui orchestre une combinaison de neurotechnologies non invasives permettant aux survivants d'un AVC de retrouver leur indépendance


Hospital operating room assistance system using sensors and AI algorithms to streamline human, material, and process flows


App that supports parents during the perinatal period by providing them with the right information at the right time, while strengthening the couple's bond


Automated and remotely programmable pill dispenser allowing healthcare professionals to track, control and organize medication intake for critical treatments


Walker for people with balance problems. Aims at verticalization, mobilization and independence


Service and smart card for managing and securely accessing citizens' relevant health data to facilitate emergency treatment


Rapid analysis kit to aid diagnosis in wound management, based on biochemical indicators of the healing process

MILA – Menstruation Isn’t Lame Anymore

Simple, non-invasive menstrual blood collection kit, facilitating access to early diagnosis while breaking period stigma

HoliYou (Focus Group App’ PMA)

Personalized care application dedicated to Medically Assisted Reproduction patients to help them stay in control of their care


Digital platform to facilitate the staffing process and make it as easy as possible for nurses who have left the profession to return


Digital platform facilitating access to information on the social-health system, aimed at populations with low levels of health literacy

Diabète, même pas peur !

Service to train anyone (teacher, family member, babysitter, etc.) in managing type 1 diabetes in children, in just 30 minutes

Swiss Indoor Tracking

System for real-time tracking of objects in hospital buildings


Solution to improve and accelerate medical documentation for healthcare professionals


Device simulating an intensive massage of the legs or arms using a horizontal movement.

IR Vein Finder

Portable medical device for detecting peripheral venous pathways using infrared technology


Game-based mobile app to help children with diabetes


System integrated in a sole to know the effective load and to receive alarms in case of exceeding the authorized loads


Alternative solution to the computer mouse to facilitate navigation on a computer for people with motor disabilities of the upper limbs


A combination of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and the cloud to build the next generation systems to understand visual function


A service for pharmaceutical companies to speed up the time to market of drugs during clinical trials.

Shelduck TV | A window to the outside world:

Shelduck TV is a small box that connects to a screen and lets patients travel to the most beautiful landscapes of Switzerland and the world.


An armrest prototype that facilitates daily tasks for patients with limited mobility of the upper limbs PICC Line protections

A protective sleeve for PICC Line/Midline for outpatients and a shower protection

My Health Company

Interoperable homecare solution for all areas of chronic diseases (HTA, HGT, HR, FR, SPO2,...).

Lumbar support device – help and recovery

Device to relieve pain related to lumbar disc crushing and reduce the resulting muscle tension.