H4: the Vaud hub that supports innovative ideas and projects related to healthcare.

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H4 works to ensure that the idea fits the field. It does this by designing and coordinating assessments and pilot studies. It also facilitates access to experts, users, and infrastructure to enable a project to move to the next stage.

H4 links innovators and users through a systemic, collaborative, and multidisciplinary approach that includes caregivers, patients, and family caregivers.

H4 builds bridges between industry and academic and clinical communities. It supports innovation in healthcare, particularly everything related to the transfer of innovations from and to healthcare practices.

H4 is a collaborative platform that provides practical support and exchange for meaningful and sustainable innovation. It is also an anchor and distribution point for innovation in healthcare.

Projects submitted to the Selection Committee


Rapid analysis kit to aid diagnosis in wound management, based on biochemical indicators of the healing process

MILA – Menstruation Isn’t Lame Anymore

Simple, non-invasive menstrual blood collection kit, facilitating access to early diagnosis while breaking period stigma

HoliYou (Focus Group App’ PMA)

Personalized care application dedicated to Medically Assisted Reproduction patients to help them stay in control of their care

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