H4 and the FIT Impact program

collaboration from the outset

H4‘s primary mission is to support individuals and companies with innovative ideas and projects in the field of nursing and care. Meanwhile, the FIT Impact program focuses on supporting low-tech projects with significant social and environmental impacts.

Since the launch of the FIT Impact program in February 2023, the two entities have closely collaborated, leveraging their complementary missions and actions. This synergy allows the projects they support to receive more comprehensive assistance.

At H4, we approach innovative care projects from the perspective of their human impact” explains project manager Thierry Dagaeff. “As a result, most of the projects we support have a societal dimension. This is why many proposals supported by H4 also align with the objectives of the FIT Impact program.”

Collaboration results

Following the first call for proposals in September 2023, H4 submitted four projects and assisted in preparing their applications. Of these four proposals, two were awarded a FIT Impact Grant:

  • Thego.care : Development of a protective sleeve for PICC Line/Midline and a shower protector for outpatients. With the help of FIT Impact, this project has found an a B2B market.
  • NaviSanté :  Innovative digital platform designed to make it easier to find information on the health and social services system, particularly in the canton of Vaud. This project, initiated during the Défi Source 2023, was coached by the H4.

More recently, in May 2024, a third project initiated during the Défi Source 2023 and coached by the H4 won the FIT Impact Prize:

Thanks to their various forms of support, H4 and the FIT Impact program play crucial and complementary roles in the development and implementation of care innovations with societal impact. This synergy contributes to the overall improvement of healthcare systems and patient care.

The Role of the FIT Impact Program

Launched in collaboration with UNIL, CHUV, EPFL, EHL, HEIG-VD, and H4, the FIT Impact program awards grants ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 Swiss francs to high-impact, low-tech projects from these universities. These grants complement the support programs provided by the schools, enabling these projects to grow over the long term and make a significant impact in the canton of Vaud and beyond.

In addition to funding, FIT Impact offers access to a network of partners, ongoing monitoring, and increased promotion to enhance visibility.

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FIT Impact award ceremony with the team of Diabète, même pas peur