BLISTEE : The new project validated by the Selection Committee


Over the past few weeks, new applications for support have been submitted on the H4 platform. After a pre-analysis by the internal team, the project “BLISTEE” was selected and presented to the Selection Committee in June.

Following deliberations, the project received a favorable vote for H4 support, with 10 votes to 1. This is the 6th project to make it through the Selection Committee since the launch of H4! Several members of the Committee also indicated their willingness to support the project by providing their expertise, contacts, and financial resources.

H4’s role is to connect project promoters with a broad community eager to pursue innovation in healthcare.

This project will be “supported by Biopôle SA”:


The company offers a service for pharmaceutical companies to speed up the time to market drugs during clinical trials.

The device named “Blistee” helps patients at home to optimize the correct intake of their medication, in order to ensure adherence to the treatment (according to the protocol) and its effectiveness. The device delivers the treatment on time in the form of blister packs containing the medication to be taken in pre-packaged form.

The goal is to make “Blistee” available for clinical studies, particularly phase 3 or 4, and thus reduce their cost, duration, and logistical management, mainly in connection with the recruitment of new patients.

The first step is to have the device and its operating principle evaluated by patients, caregivers, and pharmacists in order to develop it into a device that can be submitted to a clinical trial where its effectiveness will be tested.


Alexandre Maeusli, porteur du projet


H4 support
– collecting input from patients, caregivers (home-based), pharmacists, and physicians


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