Grants for innovative projects from the Givel Foundation

The H4 is pleased to announce a new source of funding suitable for H4 projects. This type of grant is particularly suitable for seed projects in with a societal dimension is involved.


The Givel Foundation

The Givel Foundation encourages innovation, daring, self-improvement and excellence. Inaugurated on April 18, 2024, it distributes scholarships in the arts and health sectors.

Active in the Canton of Vaud, the Foundation is aimed at individuals and supports original, high-quality projects.


Meeting healthcare needs

In the context of a healthcare world facing numerous challenges, including medical succession, the Foundation wishes to support projects aimed at innovation, development or the acquisition of knowledge transferable to medical practice.

A special grant will be allocated to nursing, to which the co-founder has dedicated her professional life.

Projects aimed at promoting community health and public health projects, as well as those enabling the completion of a clinical research project, are welcome.


The Foundation does not support

  • Basic research
  • Study grants
  • Irrelevant community health projects
  • Public or community health projects abroad
  • Acquisition of medical equipment
  • Events

> Consult the conditions for submitting a request

The Fondation Givel only supports people who live in the Canton of Vaud or who have a close link with it, through grants which must enable personal development or the realization of an outstanding project, for the direct or indirect benefit of the community.

Projects submitted must not yet be completed (at the time of response) and must demonstrate financial need. Project aids and grants range from CHF 1,000 to CHF 10,000.

>Applications for support must be submitted electronically via the Foundation’s website.



Autumn session 2024: applications must be submitted by September 1, 2024.

Spring session 2025: applications to be submitted by March 1, 2025.


Selection committees

Two independent selection committees have been set up to ensure impartiality. The committees select the requests for support, and the Board sets the amounts and the final list of projects to be supported. This two-stage process guarantees a neutral selection process.